To propose a customized technology in line with your plans, CTS Romania gets organized around your goals.
Our dust-free equipment highly automated enable us to achieve applications of liquid painting on different types of materials : aluminium, polyamide, abs, polypropylene. 
We also have installations for Chromating for the aluminium.
We use a wide range of products: polyurethane paint, acrylic, epoxy hydro or solvent.

We can perform zinc plating on racks, with a high level of know-how.

We have a brand new installation  of chromium for plastics, that can respect the standards of automotive industry.
Our know-how is recognized and we are approved by dacia, salomon, mavic....
CTS Romania has a covered surface 3000m2 .


Chrome plating on plastics

September 8, 2015

New plant with the installation of a chrome plating line. Starting the production soon !


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